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Expats on the air
Mark Stenzler (class of 1978) has had a weekly show on Swiss radio for over a decade now. But you don't have to go to Europe to catch "Blues Zeppelin". You can listen to it streaming on the net here: https://www.rabe.ch/sendungen/musik/blues-zeppelin.html
And catch up on the archived shows here: https://www.lora.ch/sendungen/aktuelle-sendungen?mode=2&terms=&list=Roots+%26+Rhythm%3A+Blues+Zeppelin
Great Neck South After Burn
I just came across this site devoted to alumni from the 1970's. gns50afterburn.com
January 2009
Attention all SHPies

Michelle Eisenkraft (me2357@columbia.edu) writes:
I am writing from the Science Honors Program at Columbia University. The Science Honors Program is an extracurricular Saturday morning program for high school students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in the fields of math and science. The program has been in existence since 1958, and enrolls high school students residing in the tri-state area. We are currently attempting to contact alumni from our program in order to learn about what they have accomplished in their current fields. Not surprisingly, a large number of our students attend or have attended the Great Neck public Schools. We would appreciate any assistance you can offer in providing current addresses/contact information for our list of alumni. We look forward to your reply. Thank you for your help, Michelle Eisenkraft

Sad news about Dr. Mogul

Laura Gal writes that Dr. Phil Mogul died of a heart attack in December 2008. [Ed. If someone can point me to an obituary, I would be grateful.]
A Tribute to Dr. (Philip H.) Mogul

July 2008
Joan Orville Ambrosio (newbgning@aol.com) writes:
We are planning the Great Neck South Class of 1973 reunion for October 25th at The Inn of GN. Contact:
dred00@optonline.net: Ed Rosenthal
tracylewis@charter.net: Tracy Lewis
lgshapiro@gmail.com: Larry Shapiro
newbgning@aol.com: Joan Ambrosio
May 2008
Joan Orville Ambrosio (newbgning@aol.com) writes:
Class of '73...north and south and village school should finally be all in one place, on the same night, together. I will participate activily with the planning. Let's do it ourselves, we do not need reunions unlimited!!!!
Joan Orville Ambrosio 516-633-3544
January 2008
Leslie Dalis (JESSE89@aol.com) wonders ... if anyone knows where John Rosati might be? We lost contact after college, and I would love to know how he is doing. Any information would be great. Thanks.
Edgar von Schmidt-Pauli (GNN '53) updated his list of famous people from Great Neck. A big thanks to Edgar for doing the leg work for this.
GNS Class of 1997 - 10th reunion
Molly Hott writes:
The Great Neck South Class of 1997 will be conducting their 10 year High School Reunion on Saturday, November 24th 2007 at 9:00pm - midnight at Alibi Lounge (116 Macdougal Street - between Bleeker & West 3rd). $55 per person in advance/$65 per person at the door. If you have any further questions please email 97south@gmail.com
An anonymous graduate writes
I am a 1960 GNS grad. Went to NYU and Parsons School of Design. After heading a successful Ad Agency in Washington,D.C., I have been writing for 10 years. (3 published books). My latest book (published anon) includes those heady days at GNS. Remember how we were allowed to smoke in the cafeteria?!!! My book is not only about GNS, but about my life as it played out, about how I was a victim of an atrocious crime, and being a witness for the prosecution...and how we lost. You can buy it from LuLu.com: Title: GETTING OFF By Z. If you recognize me in the photos, don't tell anyone!
Edgar von Schmidt-Pauli (GNN '53) sent this
list of famous people from Great Neck.
Class of 1981 web site
The class of 1981 has a web site at https://www.gns1981.com.
Ira Goldwyn
Ira Goldwyn '80 passed away in mid October, 2005. We received several letters which are now on the letters page.
Who had Mr. Powell for Physics
He would have loved this Paul Heckbert's Jell-O Links
Pundits amoung us
Mark Stenzler has been living in Switzerland since the early 80's. Recently, he's been doing a lot of commentary on Air America and with Overseas Voices.
Class of '76 reunion
Lnyn Goldman writes:
We are in the process of planning the 30th reunion for the class of '76. If we haven't co ntacted you please feel free to contact us. As soon as all the plans are finalized we wil l post additional information. Already we have reached 248 classmates !!!!! Reunion Committee:
Lynn Fee Goldman 201.847.9416 lynngoldman@optonline.net
Laurette Pagano Green 845.638.1708 lalagrn@optonline.net
Helene Lialios Jorge 516.742.1195 helenejorge@optonline.net
Sad news...
It is with great sadness I have to inform you of the passing of Roger Minionis on February 10th, 2005. Over the years, "Mr. Min" was an inspiration to a huge number of students. There are not many teachers I can distinctly remember from 25 years ago - Roger will always be one of those. You can read the full obituary in The Great Neck Record.
Class of '69 Newsletter
Diane Silverman runs a class of 1969 newsletter. If you want to get on the list, send mail to her at dianesilverman@optonline.net
Happy Ending: Spam about the Phillies you may have received
About 2 years ago some of you recieved one or more rants about sports in Philadelphia. It turns out they were from an individual who harvested email addresses from this site and hundreds of others. Eventually, he was caught indicted (read it here) and prosecuted. Our webmaster was one of the witnesses called by the US Attorney in the trial. What goes around, comes around....
GNS 1965 Reunion
Connie Zalk (cbz@sprynet.com) writes:
We've just launched our official effort to pull off a 40th reunion next spring/summer. For now, I'm the lead person. We've set up a listserv on yahoogroups.
You can join it by sending mail to GreatNeckSouth65-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or clicking this link.
December 2003
Phil Brodsky provided this picture of the KJ 6th grade class of 1972. Find your face!
Class of 1972 web site
George Levien has launched a GNS class of 1972 web site. which you can visit at www.gns72.com

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