Privacy Policy
July 13, 2004

Our privacy policy is simple. We try to be a good citizen. We don't purposly share your information with any third parties.

We also promise not to be an email nuisance. By that, we mean that we don't, at this time, have plans to send out periodic newsletters. If we ever do, we will install a system to let you opt in or out of them first.

With that said, however, we'll note that since you can publish your email address, it is possible for someone viewing these pages to pick it up and send you mail that you may not want. That's the risk you incur by putting your name in a directory listing. In no way shall the operators of this web site be responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of putting your name in this listing.

Further, to help minimize invasions of your privacy, we don't let you publish things like your telephone number and street address in our directory. We don't want it and we don't want to even hold it.

As a final protection, our site is designed so that search engines and automatic email address collectors should not normally be able to find the directory listings page. This reduces the risk of bulk spammers getting any information you list here.

Note: We do publish the names and email address of people who send letters. We're trying to build community, rather being a free bulletin board. We won't publish anonymous letters or announcements unless you can provide a compelling reason. For reuion listings we also prefer to publish any contact information we have for the organizers.

We also serve advertisments. Our advertising service provider (Google) does use cookies to serve those advertisements, and their use of cookie enables them to serve ads based on your visit to this site and other sites on the Internet. Your may opt out of the use of the thos cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

For the curious, the technical details....

Like every site on the internet, we record some information which is important to help keep our site running. Everytime someone views one of our web pages we record

The only time we ever look at this stuff is if we think the web site got hacked. Other than that, it gets tossed as we run out of disk space.

In the Alumni Directory we, of course, record the password that you provide. We also record the IP address of the computer used to create the entry.

This policy is subject to change in the future.